DanPumps A/S was founded in 2013 and was exclusively engaged in the sale of pumps for utilities and industry in Denmark.
Following the merger between Sondex Pumps A/S and DanPumps A/S in 2017, the aim has been to specialize in the development and manufacturing of
High quality pumps.

The complete pump program from DanPumps A/S is constantly evolving and the ability to supply the market with customized solutions make
DanPumps A/S one of the most flexible and competitive suppliers.

 Udsnit af DanPumps pumper

DanPumps wastewater program with long durability

The S-WP range is a combination of high efficiency, intelligent design and practical features. These features together provide a userfriendly pump with long durability.
The S-WP range includes complete series of high quality, userfriendly wastewater pumps. From the smallest S-WP0 to light industrial solutions for the S-WP5, which can handle difficult
Wastewater tasks from cities and industries

Submersible and dry-installed sewage pumps

DanPump’s S-WP product range is supplied for wet and dry conditions or as portable installation with a choice of vortex, b-tween or channel scooter.
As an option, all DanPump wastewater drain pumps can be delivered with IEC standard motors, type S-WP

High-efficiency engines with unique protection against heat and moisture

The engines are classified according to IE2.
All S-WP motors have Class H insulation, 3 thermal circuit breakers, and moisture sensors that warn against moisture penetration,
before it causes damage to the engine.